Game Activities

Escape Game


Together with your colleagues, follow in the footsteps of an eccentric adventurer who disappeared 100 years ago. He hid the key to his legacy behind a series of tricky riddles. You'll need brains, a thirst for action and perhaps a little patience, because he certainly didn't make it too easy for you.

From the afterlife, he´ll send you on an exciting journey. The itinerary takes you from Berlin via Paris to Tibet, whilst you will encounter a number of celebrities from the golden 20s. At some points in this adventure you might even be reminded of the Da Vinci Code.




Against the clock

In contrast to your ordinary exit game, with us you are not desperately looking for an exit but trying to solve all the tasks so you can crack the code to the treasure.

Not only do you have to master all the puzzles in the allotted time, you also have to be faster than your colleagues, as you will be competing against each other in teams of up to 6 people.

This competitive atmosphere will tickle the ambition out of each and every team member and fun is guaranteed for everyone. The highlight at the end, however, is that the teams can only solve the mystery together.




Treasure hunting

To win, you have to work as a team and utilise your various talents. Whether you are a history buff, an art expert or a wannabe detective, only together can you solve all the puzzles. One thing is for sure: you will get to know a whole new side of your colleagues during this adventure.



  • Duration: approx. 2 hours
  • Venue: a location of your choice in Berlin and throughout Germany
  • Minimum cost for up to 12 participants: 1.685 €
  • Each additional person: 49 €




This team event is an all-time favourite for groups that want to take on a tricky challenge and enjoy a little fight against time.


The escape game can take place not only in Berlin but anywhere in Germany at a location of your choice - ideally spread over several rooms - for example an office, a hotel, a (large) restaurant or a conference venue.


We tailor the exit game to you and the size of your group so that everyone has an equal share of the fun.