Berlin Teambuilding

Teambuilding Games Parcours

Team-training with fun and tension

Learn to understand each other blindly, grow, and get creative together - at the Teambuilding parcours your team will immerse themselves in a world of games that strengthen their team spirit and provide lots of fun.


After a joint playful start, the teams will be drawn and then it starts with a diverse Teambuilding parcours. The teams will face various challenges - from entertaining to intense.



Something for everyone

Sometimes you need to get creative together and create an artwork with a single brush, sometimes you have to rescue unfortunate climbers from a glacier or prove that you can still handle building blocks.


The games parcours has something for everyone: creative minds, logicians, active people, riddle enthusiasts and also for those who hardly get impressed. We set up various games that ignite ambition and fun. Because to cross a minefield together, you must give it your all and not just do things halfway.



Always improving

From station to station you will get to know each other better and connect more and more. Every team member is essential in the challenges, because once speaking is prohibited, a new language needs to be invented for communication.  And if suddenly  the eyes are blindfolded, everyone needs to rely on each other.

So the trust increases, the communication improves, the courage strengthens, ideas become more creative and the growing team spirit acts as the fuel to master the parkour.



Celebrating success

After every team solved their stations, we will welcome the teams at their destination. They will share their experiences and sentences like " Show your painting" or " We were quite bummed at the minefield" can be heard. The successes will be celebrated and the team will be honored for their performance. But suddenly something unexpected happens. One final challenge is announced, but this time everyone needs to pull together to reach the goal…


  • Duration: approx. 2 - 4 hours
  • Venue:  indoor or outdoor in berlin or nationwide in Brandenburg
  • Minimum cost for up to 14 participants: 1.395 €
  • Each additional person: 39 €



This event is all about teambuilding through relaxing and having fun together. If you're interested in a more intensive team training that is modified individually to your team, call us under 030 443 123 20 or write an mail to .