Our mission

Our aim

We aim to design interactive experiences that encourage people to see themselves and others in a different light. We want to create the right conditions for people to broaden their horizons, uncover hidden talents, and explore alternative perspectives. We also want to show Berlin exactly how it is: a city of wildly different types of people and places — most of them endearing, often bizarre, but always surprisingly different and constantly in flux.

Lasting impact

We seek to create situations and spaces that inspire participants to share a group experience. We make it our mission to promote communication both during and long after the event.

Team spirit

At our events, we want participants to develop their own sense of team spirit rather than imposing it from above. This requires skill, instinct, charm and humour. We focus on making this vision a reality when planning and carrying out our events.

Everyone counts

It is our goal to make every single one of our events enjoyable for ALL participants. Even at large events, we want everyone to feel comfortable, have fun, and find it useful.


We love trying new things and broadening our horizons. We continue to have new, unique experiences with the many different types of people we encounter in this city, and so are constantly learning new things about the city ourselves.


We believe it is important to interact with clients and business partners in a friendly, open and transparent way. Therefore, we aim not only to be professional and conscientious in all the projects we’re involved in, but also to develop enjoyable working relationships and collaborations. It’s our goal to be there when you need us and meet all of your requirements, so as to ensure that your event is a real success.